2018 NY Solar Policy Summit Highlights

On May 14th, solar industry professionals from across New York State and beyond descended on Albany to attend the NYSEIA Policy Summit. The New York Solar Energy Industry Association’s annual event drew its largest crowd ever as developers, installers, and financiers react to NY’s recent policy changes. Most pressing on everyone’s mind was VDER, or the Value of Distributed Energy Resources tariff, as well as interconnection, permitting, and tax questions. NYSERDA President Alicia Barton, NY-Sun Director David Sandbank & Deputy Director Houtan Moaveni, and NYS Assembly Energy Committee Chair Michael Cusick were each in attendance to congratulate the industry’s rapid success to date and to sketch a roadmap for the next decade.

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Key Factors to Consider in Creating “Better Buildings” with Solar Energy

Predictability is vital to a successful enterprise. Knowing what to expect and having time to prepare to meet these future challenges are key components to making your company competitive. When you’re in the business of property or facilities management, though, predictability often hinges on the weather—and in New York, we know the forecast often feels more like speculation than calculation. So, given the mercurial climate in the Northeast, how can your organization develop best practices to reduce costs and even add new value to the buildings you manage? To find the answer, look up. Your roof is a secret asset that, if used properly, will set your service apart.

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Monolith Solar Empowers Troy, New York Community with Landfill Solar Farm

Monolith Solar completes landfill solar project in Troy, New York

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the City of Troy, and Monolith Solar today announced the completion of a 603-kilowatt solar array at the city’s former landfill. This array completes the City’s solar project that included six installations and supports Governor Andrew Cuomo’s goal to have 50 percent of the State’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2030.

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