Community Solar

Community Solar

Joining a Community Solar Farm

Community Solar takes the panels off your property and puts cash in your pocket. By connecting homeowners, renters, nonprofits, and businesses to a shared solar farm at an off-site location, Monolith Solar allows anyone who pays a utility bill to choose affordable renewable energy. The discounted power is delivered to your home or office through the local electric grid, but you’ll be energized by the sun instead of dirty coal or gas.

Members of a Monolith Community Solar farm have the option either to purchase their panels or to subscribe to the power they produce without any upfront costs or long-term commitment. Monolith Solar is not an ESCO, so you won’t pay a premium just to do the right thing—Community Solar will actually save you money! Take a minute to watch the community solar video or fill out the form to reserve your spot today.

Hosting a Community Solar Farm

Community Solar lets everyone take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy, and you can facilitate this unique opportunity for your neighbors by hosting a farm on your unused land or large commercial rooftop. We’ll install solar panels on your property and send the power they produce to local residents and businesses.

In return, you’ll receive a generous signing bonus and annual lease payments. On top of this passive income, Monolith Solar can help spread the word about your environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. If you own property you think can host a Community Solar farm, give us a call and we’ll do a free analysis of your land or roof. Take a minute to watch the video or complete the form to get started.

How To Sign Up

Reserving your position on the next Monolith Community Solar farm is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow the link below to get started on your path to a sustainable future.

Reserve Your Spot

A Few of Our Customers & Partners

Who is Monolith Solar?     

Monolith Solar is more than a company—it’s a movement that empowers communities to choose clean, accessible energy to build a sustainable future together.

What Is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a clean alternative to your traditional electric supply method, without installing solar panels on your property.

Why Choose Community Solar?

Customers can save between 5-15% on monthly electric bills, depending on the utility. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a renewable energy source.

Where Is Service Available?

Customers across New York State can make the switch, no matter which utility territory you live in. Subscribing above is the fastest way to go solar.