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Solar Panels from Albany to Buffalo

Monolith Solar is a New York solar power team, using premium Grade 1 black on black panels. And now, thanks to Community Solar, every house is eligible. We are engineers, designers, and installers of solar panel systems for homes, businesses, and non-profits and municipalities. The company was founded in a garage, and in six years has expanded to large offices and multiple install crews. We treat our customers, and employees, as our most valuable asset because they are.

Aesthetics and Affordability

  • Aesthetics

    It's your house, and you want it to look good. Our team of designers and engineers understand that, and will design a system specifically for your house, to work around your roof or property. With our sleek, black on black panels, it'll be hard not to like it.
  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Our monitoring system will let you see exactly how much your panels are producing, right from your laptop or smart phone.
  • Anywhere

    Ground mount, roof mount, or community solar, we can power your home anywhere using the sun's energy.
  • Professional

    Our team is comprised of professional, talented, and respectable construction crews. They are some of the best in the solar industry, and they make sure every job displays a level of dedication to your roof and solar system unmatched elsewhere.
  • Experience

    The people who work for us have done many solar jobs, of all sizes. From large farms, to the array on your roof, nothing surprises them and all angles will be covered.
  • Care

    Most of all, our workers take pride in their job, and how the things they build reflect on us and them. Your system will be built with an attention to detail other places wouldn't match.

Customer Reviews

  • I had a great experience working with my consultant Janelle Calkins and everyone at Monolith Solar. They installed my panels a few months ago and I actually look forward to my electric bills now. The panels are on the front of my home but you can barely tell because Monolith uses a very sleek black panel, which blends right into my roof. I am very happy with my decision to choose monolith and recommend them to everyone. -
  • Monolith Solar just installed a system on our home a few weeks ago. My husband and I could not be happier with Monolith’s customer service and commitment to excellence. Monolith’s energy consultant showed us that the benefits of purchasing a system far out weight the benefits of leasing. We own our panels AND our monthly utility bill has been reduced to $40 per month! We also want to comment on this company’s professionalism. Steve Erby, the Vice President of the company called and spoke to my husband and I just a couple days after signing. To have one of the owners call and speak to us personally to introduce himself and reassure us that we would be taken care of was HUGE. What other solar company, let alone any other company in the area, takes the time to do this? The entire process was quick, easy and flawless. We could not be happier with our decision and experience with Monolith Solar. Even weeks after out install, we still keep in touch with Steve and our energy consultant. We are proud to be a part of the Monolith Solar Family! -
  • We settled upon Monolith after reviewing about a dozen options and receiving estimates from what we considered the top three installers, all of which had excellent reviews. What made the difference? Ms. Lindsey McEntire. We set the bar high with numerous questions, design requests that minimized the impact on our home, a ridiculously tight installation schedule just before the holidays, and more patiently answered questions. Trust me. Monolith is the company and Lindsey is the consultant you want. Our system produced over 400 kw over the past 2 weeks and we couldn't be happier.

Solar Stories

Here at Monolith Solar, the work we do has an immediate positive impact on the planet, and on the lives of people as individuals. We install and sell solar panels, but we also help an independence from the huge energy companies, a move toward getting off the grid, and a far reduced carbon footprint. Our Solar Stories program is a video series we do that highlights the work we do as it affects distinct families. Nothing is scripted, and all footage is taken from the system of the family speaking on camera. Check out our videos for this series on the Solar Stories page, here.

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