From small mom-and-pop stores to the world’s largest corporations, companies in every industry are reevaluating their environmental impact and discovering opportunities to upgrade their business practices with solar energy. By eliminating the middle man and sourcing your power supply directly from the sun, your organization can reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Monolith Solar’s custom-engineered photovoltaic systems will produce the electricity you need to run your company without polluting the Earth, and you’ll save money! Instead of the one-size-fits-all relationship you have with the utility, we provide multiple pathways to go solar, giving you more flexibility and control over this vital resource. Our solar consultants will help you determine the best option for your business depending on your unique needs.

All of our commercial clients have the choice to either buy their panels or to lease them through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Explore your options below!


Installing panels on your own roof (or elsewhere on your property) is the traditional way to make the switch to green energy.

Remote Net Metering (RNM)

Some businesses don’t have enough space on their roof to fit all the panels they’ll need and that’s no problem! Monolith can deliver you solar energy from an offsite solar array as if it’s on your own property. By partnering with local land and building owners, we make solar available to anyone who wants it.

Community Solar

Like RNM, Community Solar delivers power from an offsite location, but this array is shared by other businesses and families in the area. We offer a month to month subscription for Community Solar customers, as well. Visit our Community Solar page to learn more.

Roof Leasing

If you own a large commercial building but don’t have a need for clean energy, you should still consider leasing your roof to host a solar array. Instead of receiving the power, you’ll receive an annual check from us for facilitating a Community Solar or RNM project. Visit our Community Solar page to learn more.

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