Company History

The story of this company starts in 2008, and like so many great companies, with two guys in a garage. They started out putting solar on their own houses, then they moved on to powering the Rensselaer Library, as well as the Union College and Key Bank. Those panels are still in place to this day, 8 years later. They soon grew too big for the garage, and refurbished an abandoned spot in downtown Rensselaer, which they've almost out grown. Between the solar panels, and the turning around of the office building, the effect they've had on the town has been immeasurable. Monolith Solar continues to grow and will soon be moving into a multi floor office building to house our growing sales, office, installation, and administrative team. To date we've produced 60 million KWh on our systems, a number that will only grow as we head on to new times.
The Company's inception in 2008 was followed by a period of growth, one that has outlasted many competitors in this fast paced industry. Even at 8 years, we have seen competitors and rivals come and go in the industry, and have out stood them all. Our traditions of doing great work, and being upfront with our customers, has allowed us a shelf life few have had the privilege of enjoying.