The Importance of Changing Your Electric Anniversary

Anniversaries can be so tricky.  What was the date exactly?  Is it today?  Was I supposed to get something?  Sometimes, you just wish you could change the date.  Make it something easy to remember, like April first, or march 15th, Halloween or New Years.  Especially your anniversary, or “true-up” date with the power company, but that one can be changed and it could save you a lot of money.

With a net-metering system like the one’s Monolith Solar installs, you can produce more energy than you use.  Typically this happens in the warmer months, from March until September.  Now, what happens with this extra electricity is it flows back into the grid, effectively making you a very miniature power company.  The energy that you send out is effectively stored as credits in an account you keep with your utility.  Your anniversary with the power company is when they add up your electric “account” so to speak, and pay out.  Any credits in your account are used to power your house on months when you don’t produce enough with your panels to cover it.

You can see in the graph above which months produce the most.

This is why its important to set that anniversary, the “true-up” date to late March, or early April.  That way you can spend all summer building up credits, and then in the slow months the energy company pays you back and you can keep your electric bill at the minimum all through the winter.  You may be wondering “But since they buy the energy from me, does it matter where the date is?”  and the answer is a resounding “Yes, yes it does.”  See, if you have credits in your account at the anniversary date, the company buys them from you.  But, the power company only has to pay the wholesale cost, at around a few cents a watt.  Its much more cost effective to simply use those credits in the winter and not have any real electric bills all year long.  If you have solar and you haven’t already done this, call your utility and ask them to change your anniversary date to maximize your solar potential.  Its the easiest thing, and it could save you all winter.

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