New York Solar Incentives

A few states offer rebates, incentives, and other rewards for going renewable, but New York is determined to be a leader in renewable energy.  The state has previously set a goal of having 30% energy consumption by renewable in 2015, and solar is booming across the nation, but its something special in New York.

New York was ranked number 7th in Solar Power, but that was back in 2014 and companies have continued to move into the greener pastures of the empire state since then.  We have over 5 million current installations, and that number is projected as doubling by the end of 2016.  We have about 600 solar companies right here, and we are projected to be producing 14 million kw in 2016.
New Yorks renewable energy goal is set at 50% by 2030, and New York wants you to help it meet that goal.  New York has been very friendly to solar power, between the size of the state, the government rebates, and the type of people here this state is an awesome testing ground for how solar could work in the whole country in the future.   We have several programs designed to ease the transition into clean energy like NYSERDA, Affordable Solar, and different tax rebates.  You can find more information about this here: NY-SUN.  The other way to learn more is to simply call us at Monolith Solar.
Also big in New York is the Solarize program, a process in which communities and towns can bulk buy solar from one installer for a significantly cheaper price.
Many states around the nation are jumping onto solar power, and if you live in New York now is a great time to get onboard.

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