No Panels – Purchase


Send us your name, email, address, and electricity provider.

A member of our team will give you a call within 24 hours to ask you about your historic electrical usage.

From there, you’ll purchase your panel according to the amount of energy you need, and we’ll get your panel set up in a local community solar farm. Once you’re switched over, you’ll be powered by solar energy.

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a green alternative to your traditional electric supply method, without installing solar panels on your property. We have solar farms all across NY harnessing the power of the sun to supply clean energy to community solar subscribers. Customers can save between 5-15% on monthly electric bills, depending on the utility. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money by choosing a shared renewable energy source.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional residential solar, you don’t need to put solar panels on your house to be powered by the sun.

Whether your home is in the shade, your roof can’t support solar, or you just don’t want panels on your house, with our purchase a panel option, you can own your own solar PV system located on one of our community solar farms.

Buying your panel is simple. First, fill out the form above. Then, a solar specialist will call you about your historical electric usage. We use this information to determine how much power to allocate you.

From there, we set up your panels in one of our community solar farms. You’ll get to watch the entire process unfold. We’ll send you updates as your panels are installed, then connect with your power company to get you switched over to solar once your panels are live.

When you’re set up, we’ll shoot you a quick email to let you know. You will have a separate bill from Monolith than your utility.

Are there any discounts or financial incentives?

We have a number of financing partners who can help accommodate all budgets. Government incentives are also available for the purchase of solar PV systems!

Where is service available?

Service is available by a href=””>load zone. Here’s where community solar is currently available:
• Load Zone A (Buffalo area) National Grid & NYSEG
• Load Zone F (Albany area) National Grid & NYSEG
• Load Zone G (mid-Hudson Valley) Central Hudson & NYSEG

If community solar isn’t currently available in your area, never fear! We’re constantly partnering with land owners to produce new solar farms across New York state. If you’re interested in community solar, click here to stay informed.

Does my utility company change?

Your utility company stays the same. We partner with local power companies to provide solar energy for community solar members.

Why should I buy from Monolith?

Monolith is a leading provider of solar in New York State. You may recognize some of our clients, like KeyBank, ShopRite, NYSDOT, Harley Davidson, Siena College, and so many more. We’re so dedicated to our customers, we consider them family.

How do I save money?

Every month, you’ll receive a certain percentage of your community solar farm’s generation in the form of energy credits. The amount of credits will vary throughout the year—increasing in the summer and decreasing in the winter—but the excess generated in the summer will carry over to the winter. Because we size your system to meet your demonstrated historical energy needs, your energy credits should fully cover your power bill for the year. With a purchased system, these credits belong to you and will give you “free” energy once you’ve paid off your panels. With a subscription, you’ll only pay for 90% of the energy credits received, meaning you’ll always have that 10% to keep.

How do I know you’ll actually switch me over to solar?

Monolith Solar is more than a company, it’s a movement—a cause by which employees, partners, municipalities, and customers all work together to innovate and create solutions for a sustainable planet by making smart energy choices.

Whether we’re addressing major global problems like air pollution or helping a small local family save on their monthly electric bills, solar is our solution.

All that to say – we care about the work we do, and we’ve got the portfolio to prove we’re the real deal.