Whether you just moved in or have lived in your house since childhood, it’s never too early or too late to start saving money with solar energy. Our solar photovoltaic arrays give you more than just extra cash in your wallet every month—they give you the satisfaction of a self-sufficient, sustainable homestead; the pride that you’re resisting global climate change and foreign fossil fuels; and the peace of mind that you can pass on a cleaner, greener world to the next generation. Our expert team of friendly solar consultants, engineers, installers, and technicians will treat your home like it’s their own, because that’s how the Monolith Family works. All we need is a copy of your utility bill to get you started on a path to energy independence. Explore your options below!

Our black-on-black panels are the sleekest in the industry, preserving your home’s curb appeal while powering it with clean energy. Our design team will work with you to develop the most aesthetically pleasing array for your roof while maximizing its energy production.


If you don’t want the panels on your roof, we can install them in your yard. Our crews are just as careful with your lawn as they are with your home.

Community Solar

Is your roof not right for solar? No space for a ground-mount? Do you rent? No worries! With Community Solar, you can still receive the same renewable energy, but the panels are located at an off-site farm. You have the option to purchase your panels or to subscribe month to month. Visit our Community Solar page to learn more.

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