Solar Shines on Self Storage

On June 7th, Monolith Solar joined members of the New York Self Storage Association (NYSSA) as they convened at Belhurst Castle overlooking the beautiful Lake Seneca in Geneva, NY for their annual luncheon. The event was a chance for industry stakeholders to meet and discuss changes in the market as well as to share tricks of the trade. Other speakers covered new policies, best practices for legal documentation, and sales and communications techniques. When it was Monolith’s turn to present, we brought something unique to the table.

Our topic was Monolith’s Self Storage Solar Partnership—and it got everyone’s attention. That’s because the self-storage and solar industries are a perfect pair; self-storage sells space and solar needs nothing but space. By hosting a solar farm on their underutilized roofs, self-storage facility owners expand their leasable property without investing a single dime. Not only does this allow owners to maximize their profits, it also signals to potential customers their premium service and provides a goodwill benefit to their community.

If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Fortunately, several of our existing partners, like B&C Storage of Syracuse, Excess Storage of Utica, and Glenmont Self Storage of Glenmont, were also in attendance and could attest to the effortlessness and effectiveness of our program. Because the power produced by the solar panels is sent via a separate meter to local homeowners, businesses, school districts, or municipalities, the self-storage facilities’ own electric service is unimpacted. More importantly, the mounting hardware we use requires no penetrations into their roof and actually extends its useful life. There’s really no easier way to earn a passive income.

Not every facility qualifies to join our Self Storage Solar Partnership, but those who do can receive generous signing bonuses and annual lease payments. If you’re like the many organizations we met yesterday, you won’t want to wait to give us a call. Monolith makes it simple for you to make the smartest choice under the sun. Finally, a big thanks to NYSSA for giving us a chance to share this exciting offer!

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