Why Monolith?

We’ve installed over 43.7 Megawatts of Solar equal to:

85 thousand barrels of oil consumed

40 million pounds of coal burnt

90 million miles driven

Thats enough power for 4,000 homes a year

Our Mission: Empowering communities to choose clean, accessible energy to build a sustainable future together.

Monolith Solar is more than a company, it’s a movement—a cause by which employees, partners, municipalities, and customers all work together to innovate and create solutions for a sustainable planet by making smart energy choices. Since 2008, we’ve been driven by this passion and commitment to the transformative potential of solar photovoltaic technology. Whether we’re addressing major global problems like air pollution or helping a small local family save on their monthly electric bills, solar is our solution.

Like so many other great companies, the story of Monolith Solar starts with two guys in a garage. Ten years, a hundred more employees, two outgrown offices, and over forty million watts later, we’ve become one of the most prominent solar developers and installers in the Northeast. Our success is the result of our fully integrated business model and unrivaled team of experts. By keeping every step of the solar development process in-house, from design and engineering through installation and operation, we ensure the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and safety are always met.

This is also how we consistently earn our customer’s satisfaction and trust, our most treasured assets and first priority. Our devotion to our customers and partners is best captured by the “Monolith Family,” which is what we call the ever-expanding community of individuals, businesses, and organizations that has joined our mission. Like a family, we’ll always be there to support you on your journey to renewable energy independence, giving you the attention and guidance you need to make the best decision for your household or business.

Customer Testimonials

Going solar was an ethical choice. When we finally decided to do it, we investigated several companies. We chose Monolith because it’s a local company. We are pleased that we did. Everyone with whom we’ve interacted have provided excellent service, been courteous and more than willing to answer our questions. It’s been a very good experience!


Bill -Scotia, NY

We had our first ZERO energy use month in February (already!) and anticipate a good overproduction by ~500 or so kWh this month!


Ryan -Troy, NY

We are extremely pleased with the level of service Monolith has provided us thus far. All of the technicians that have been here were very thoughtful and professional. The project really moved along quickly! We are so excited to generate our own electricity & the system looks gorgeous!


Trishia -Granville, NY

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